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About Club

One of the oldest club's in our Dist. Chartered in 1964

Having its own premises.at Sahakanagar Nagar ,Bhnavaj. khopoli

As a President, I have taken 4 Tasks not only for year, but for many more years to come.

1. Membership : Currently facing challenge of only few membership of 22 which is to be increased.  As a President, it is my first area f Focus to insrease Members for better services to community. I am sure, implimentation of Each One Bring One Principle I will able to Achive the same. In my opinion, Membership should be with acceptance of Friendship, Fellowship, Social Commitmnet and desire to work for Community. That comes only by setting Example os Club's Services. This year, Medical Projects in Elite Societies will display the work of Club. Proper Public Image of Club will attract many doners, Officials to Join Rotary.      

2. Charitable Trust: Our club is having our Trust with 80G, CSR1 Certiicate, But not complied with yearly submission of CHange Report. Hence my priority is to make Trust complied with all and bring it to the stage where I can proudly ask for the CSR

3. Global Grant : Members are reluctant to contribute for TRF.  So my focus is on taking at least part in Global Grant Project as a Partner. This will give a sense of  Donations to TRF.

4. Funds : To Create new Innovatng Idea to generate Funds to meet basic needs. At present club is having fixed cost of 1.50 Lacs. In addition to this 2.0 to 3.0 Lacs of Funds should be always with Club to do many necessary Projects. To meet this need I am planning to have a Digital Display on Road. Through Advertisments these funds can be generated fater Administrative Cost. 

In addtion to Income Club will have it's own Public Image due continuous display of Name & Projects

With all Above many Problems will get addressed and Every Member will like to become President. 

With Efforts of all BOD i am Sure we will able to achive it.







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Rotary members belive we have a shared responsibility to take action on our world's
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clean water

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